About Us

Stage Lighting and Sound, Inc. designs, sells, and installs professional sound, theatrical lighting, and video projection systems for churches and other facilities throughout Michigan and surrounding states. Our services include consulting, room analysis, system set-up, calibration, testing, and service. We sell only name-brand professional-grade equipment and have been in business for over thirty-three years. We design acoustical solutions for rooms that do not comply with nationally accepted standards for live sound reinforcement.

As dealers for over 140 manufacturers – and because of our “hands-on” experience with most of the products we sell – we can offer you a single piece of equipment that fulfills your exact requirements or design a complete system without trial and error. Because we utilize the products we sell often, our technicians are always up-to-speed with current technology and how to use the products we sell and rent.

Third Reformed Church

Speaker system design is done using EASE® v4.0 software, which means that we know how the speaker system will perform before it is installed in the room. We use SmartLive® to analyze a room and calibrate the audio system to the space. Specialized Lasers are used to aim speakers, which eliminates errors and assures proper coverage of the seating area. Stage Lighting and Sound, Inc. has completed over one thousand installations – from small country churches, costing a few thousand dollars, to mega churches and auditoriums costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We can provide you with technical assistance and training by professionals with years of experience mixing live sound and lighting design. The training of your operators is without arbitrary time limits to insure they are comfortable with the features and functions of any piece of equipment you purchase.

Miller Auditorium AFC System

In February of 2007, Stage Lighting and Sound, Inc. was awarded a contract to install the Yamaha AFC (Active Field Control) system in Miller Auditorium on the campus of Western Michigan University. The installation was completed in September and is the largest and most complex acoustic enhancement system in any facility in the United States.

The AFC system received raved reviews from very knowledgeable and critical experts at its debut at a Kalamazoo Symphony Concert on September 15, 2007. Stage Lighting and Sound, Inc. is very proud to have been awarded the contract for this very prestigious, high profile installation.

Our installation work complies with nationally accepted standards for the installation of electronic and video equipment. The warranty we offer is the best of any company in this business. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with any equipment that you purchase and warranty all installation work with no time limit.

Stage Lighting and Sound, Inc. has talented engineers and designers to work with your technical staff to insure that any piece of equipment or system you purchase meets your requirements, is cost competitive, and the installation is meticulous executed.

In 2007, Stage Lighting and Sound installed the largest AFC System in America in Miller Auditorium at Western Michigan University’s campus in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  This system ampliefies symphony orchestra without the directionality of a main PA system. Click here for more information about the installation and the system.